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Data & Network Security / Antivirus

IT Security has never been more important in todays world. All business must take every precation to protect their (sensitive) data from both internal and external threats.

Data Security covers two main areas:

  • Preserving information to ensure access is available at any time in the future.

  • Preventing access to this data by unauthorised people.

At Compu-tech we have access to vast amounts of Encryption and Backup Solutions. Our Encryption partners in this area of expertise help us to offer products that conform to the European Union Data Protection Directive (EU DPD) 95/46/EC of 1995. This ensures that whoever we work with are able to protect the integrity of personal data and prevent unauthorised access.

Data backup

Whether through hardware failure, human error, fire, theft or accidental damage, data loss can have catastrophic effect. Imagine the impact on your business if you were to lose all your company accounts, sales records, correspondence, customer records and e-mails.

Our implemented Backup Solutions feature varying levels of redundancy and have the ability to backup to a wide range of backup devices. Some of these may include NAS, iSCSI, Tape, Cloud and SAN.

As an added level of security, an off-site backup may be of interest. We use Rsync which is the most bandwidth efficient protocol for moving data across the Internet and allow us to only backup the portion of the file that has changed instead of the whole file. As an example, a 60Gb overnight backup might only have to move 80Mb of data.

Ask us for a quote, as the prices are not as high as you might expect.

Network security

There are various network leves to protect on business networks. As the treats are more complex than a few years ago, network security is critical to make sure that your business network is secure.

Perimeter - which should be protected by a good quality Firewall or Unified Threat Management device

Server - using Network Access Control

Devices - covered by Endpoint Security, Encryption (if required) and optional Email filtering software

Users - Web access controls and filtering, with optional controls to stop the use of USB drives etc

We provide all these options and more depending on your business requirements.


If you handle personal information about individuals, you have a number of legal obligations to protect that information under the Data Protection Act 1998. (Quote: Information Commissioners Office)

ALL devices that are removed from the office environment should be protected by encryption software. It does not matter if this is a phone, tablet, laptop or home workers desktop - everything should be fully encrypted to stop any accidental data loss. Our encryption software and partners can offer a low cost solution to cover every device.

Data recovery

Hopefully you have never suffered any data loss due to:

  • Accidental file deletion
  • Computer Viruses & Spyware
  • Damage because of a power surge
  • Corrupt file system
  • Partitioning
  • Hard Drive failure
  • Acts of God!

We can provide an on-site or workshop data recovery service that can even recover data from drives that have suffered from mechanical failure or water damage, although this service is not guaranteed. In all instances, having a working Data Backup is crucial.

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